Grey County Ontario, Canada
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
ARES Grey County
Field Services Organization
Amateur Radio Emergency Service Registration Form
This form is to gather information about you and your station such that in the event of an emergency, the Emergency Co-ordinator will be able to choose those that are best qualified and best equipped to assist.
So it is important to fill out ALL fields, even though you may not regard your answer as important. For example we get submissions where there is no phone number or the mailing address is incomplete because the postal code was not included.

Your personal information will not be  given to anyone else. It is just for Emergency Service use and no other.

If you have previously submitted your information but your details have changed then just fill out the form again and select "renewal" from the registration type field. In addition, if you have qualifications like "certified EC" or "traffic Handling" experience then list these in the Comments field.
If you are not a licensed amateur radio operator, but would like to participate , then enter None in the Callsign field and the Qualification field.
If you prefer, download this form, print it and mail it to:

Grey County Emergency Co-ordinator

Frank Gufler VA3GUF
758240 Girl Guide Rd., Owen Sound, ON N4K5N7
NOT a Required field, all others are required
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